The years 40, an era of civil wars and global, was entirely controlled by the government, the style of the same catered to patterns with very limited resources and far from ostentation.

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The fashion was also a reflection of the crisis that had. Used tissues and poor lowlow rendering quality, very sober, almost always translated into jacket costumes for both men and women. There was a certain elegance to them, with accessories such as gloves and hats as well as with coats and jackets. The clothes became dual-use, and sometimes with the combination of several different garments were different aspects or looks.

Everything turned out to be very conservative, which was also translated into skirts longer than those had been in previous years. Now the long covered knees, giving a much more sober appearance.

Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain, Hubert Givenchy were the main designers of this decade, who closed the 40 with the return of the glamour and fashion of the postwar era, in which was emerging as the female figure, the floral designs and cotton fabrics.

Subsequently an attempt has been made to recover the fashion 40 years, or simply inspire collections at this time, with the long skirts, fabrics, colors and other fashion accessories that recalled those industrial and difficult years.


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